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Antique1930's Rare Sea Fisherman Solid Brass Bookends 1 Pair

1930 Everstyle "Sea Fisherman" Bookends I just acquired this set of brass bookends from a estate find. They were made by Everstyle and were simply titled "Everstyle". They were produced in 1930's. Though the Brass is aged, they both retain most of their original features. They measure 4 1/2" tall. In the bookend world, these would be considered a rare find. Bookends are a vintage estate find. This is a very unusual pair of brass finished Art Deco brass Metal Bookends with an embossed type of design featuring a sea fisherman casting his line. The pieces are done in heavy brass metal with the original brass finish. The pieces are about 5" inches across the back and 4 1/2" inches tall and the base is about 5" inches in back of bookend and tappers down in the front of bookend to 4" inches. The vintage pieces have some blemishes to the edges and brass finish as shown in the pictures. Take a magnet and it does not stick to the bookends so I am pretty certain they are solid brass except for the back plate is aluminum. Bookends are in used condition but the bottom of both bookends were repaired with a cutout cardboard piece and was glued on so the bookends would set level. The bookends are all 100% original except for the bottoms of bookends. Bookends were never cleaned and the brass has changed to a dark color because of the age of bookends. Please refer to photos with further questions. Bookends are one of there kind and may be the only ones left.
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$334.99 + free shipping
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