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1942 Army Noncombatant Gas Mask WW2 2-1-1 Size Large With Carrying Bag

1942 Army Noncombatant Gas Mask WW2 MIA 2-1-1 Size Large With Carrying Bag. Everything Inside the factory box New old stock. The factory box is in poor condition. New old stock filter inside the factory box. Also comes with instructions but they looks aged. The MIA2-I-I was developed for use by noncombatants working in civil defense and individuals in U.S. Army-designated "target areas." The MIA2 was produced by the U.S. Office of Civilian Defense (OCD) with a $29,000,000 grant. The mask was designed by Randolph Monro in 1942, and the patent was published in 1944. The design influenced future gas masks developed by the U.S.D corporation and Scott Aviation. The mask is incredibly simple, as it was meant to be mass-produced. The face piece consists of rubberized fabric, celluloid eyepieces, a C8 exhale valve and an elastic six-point head harness. The M2-2-1 large adult sized mask has a singular large celluloid eyepiece, unlike the larger sizes. The filter's casing is made of aluminum with instructions on use of the mask. The filter's contents are incredibly primitive, as most of the filtering material is asbestos and activated carbon. A large adult size M2-2-1 noncombatant gas mask. Notice the large singular eyepiece instead of the two circular eyepieces like the larger sizes and the prominent exhale valve under the eyepiece. The development of the MIA2 began with the three MI-I-I noncombatant gas masks around 1941, each one is very similar to the MIA2 in design but they all use the MIV button type exhale valve rather than the C8 exhale valve. The MI-I-I noncombatant gas masks entered much smaller scale production, and as a result are commonly thought of as experimental versions of the MIA2-I-I. A majority of the MIA2s produced were never issued, and were redistributed through the surplus market. In Popular Culture In the semi-popular Fallout 4 Mod, Gas Masks of The Wasteland, the MIA2-I-I Gas Mask appears as an apparel and survival item, though it is properly shown to have threaded and removable filters. In Fallout 76's Atomic Shop there is a clothing set called the "Wasteland Trapper Outfit" that features the MIA2-I-I Gas mask under the name "Wasteland Trapper Mask". The gas mask is functional.
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