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1958 Sawyer's Bi Lens 35mm Slide Viewer With Built In Light

1958 Sawyer's Bi Lens 35mm slide viewer in original factory box with all original paperwork. Factory box not in the best condition. This item was tested and still works but will look used. Battery operated. Bulb included. Sawyers bi-lens 35 is a quite unique slide viewing device. It takes standard ordinary 35 mm slides even though it looks like a 3d or stereoscopic slide viewer. Actually it may be the only device of this kind that has ever been manufactured. Measurements: 6" Long x 2" height x 4 1/4" width and tapers down to 3 1/4" All binocular style slide viewers normally take some kind of a double slide image � be it reels or stereo slide mounts. This one is different as it takes ordinary 35mm slides that were shot with any standard and unmodified 35 mm film camera. In order to view the slides properly you need to look as if you were looking at a large projector screen located in a distance. You will feel that your eyes are focusing way further than the actual slide is located. For majority of users this comes perfectly naturally and is not a problem. The surprises do not end here. Another interesting thing about this device is the image it produces. I think Sawyers were trying to pull off two things � a pseudo-3d image out of a single slide and focus at infinity that is natural and does not put strain on your eyes. They actually succeeded to some degree. The Sawyers Company To begin with it would be worth saying who Sawyers were as they are long gone. It would show to you that they were a real deal and a big innovators for their time. Sawyer�s were founded in 1914 in Oregon in the USA. The company was in some way the 3d imaging technology pioneer as they invented 3d stereoscopic slide viewer called View Master. My viewer came in weathered box with the original manual. The state the box is in does show the age of the device and conditions it had been stored in for a long time. The Sawyer�s bi-lens 35 is a beautiful, interesting and fully functional device. It produces outstanding image using both old and new slides. I love the design and the fact that despite it�s age it lost so little of it�s appeal. Out of the box it makes a perfect Fallout game series prop and a nice collectible item if you are into this sort of retro-futuristic aesthetics. In my opinion it provides more interesting experience than simple table viewers. It provides a perfect way to experience your family�s memories as well as your own modern slides. Analog photography enthusiasts will have an opportunity to show their creative work to family and friends as this unusual way of experiencing it will certainly make them interested. Viewed through this device slides beat any old family photos and are more interesting than recent photos shot and viewed on a mobile phone. I really enjoy viewing both my own modern slides and old family ones through this device and I am sure you will too. If you can get one � definitely do and keep both slide photography art and your family�s memories alive.
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$234.99 + free shipping
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