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Vintage 1949 Magic Moto-run -Motion Tin Toy Vibrating Race Track By Louis Marx & Co. Model 1000

1949 Magic Moto-run -Motion Tin Toy Vibrating Race Track By Louis Marx & Co. Model 1000 This item comes in the original factory box but the factory box was repaired with clear packing tape and the box is in poor condition and the race track will look used . The race track was tested and works great. All Tin Vehicles move on track just like they are suppose to do. "VERY RARE TO FIND A ORIGINAL FACTORY BOX WITH ITEM". A great magic motion electric toy from Louis Marx Company, 1949 - Deluxe Mot-O-Run 4 Lane Hi-way Litho Toy. Model 1000-watts-3. A Louis & Marx & Company Product. The track and cars all work and are in really good condition considering their played with status and age. The bottom of the race track is in surprisingly good condition but the top of race track is still in good condition but will still look used. Still looks nice for a 67 year old toy box lid. Please note, that sometimes the cars need a nudge as they sometimes get stuck going around the tunnels. Most times the next car will bump them on their way however. Please examine the photos closely and let me now if you have any questions. Thank you very much for looking at this long-time family toy. Marx Magic MOT-O-RUN Motion 4 Lane Hi Way electric toy with all cars. Dated 1949. Does not come in original factory box and basically power cord is still in good condition. All cars are still in good condition. Electric vehicle motion toy with tin vehicles. 120 Volt operation. Dimensions are 27" long , 9" wide. Clean and crisp with bright graphics. Power cord overall solid and good. Has been in long term storage. Overall race track and cars are in good condition. 1949 Deluxe Electric MOT-O-RUN 4 Lane Hi-Way Vibrating race track. - Works! Hi-Way works and was tested. Hi-Way is in good condition. Hi-Way is made of tin as are the vehicles. Hi-Way measures approx. 27"L x 9"W x 1 1/2"H. Vehicles are Approx. 1 1/2"L x 3/4"H x 1/2"W. Vehicles are in nice condition. Nice color on the Hi-Way and the vehicles. Vehicles move around the track when plugged in. 6 tin vehicles are included.
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$425.00 + free shipping
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