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Vintage 1995 Tootsie Toy American West Double Holster Die Cast Gun Set

Vintage 1995 Tootsie Toy American West Double Holster Die Cast Gun Set. This item is in its original factory box and the item was never removed from the box. NEW OLD STOCK ITEM Material: Die cast and Leather Size: Standard full size cap gun and holster set Address: 600 North Pulaski Road Chicago, Illinois 60624 U.S.A. Company Perspectives: Tootsie Toy is a combination of Samuel Dowst original vision, Nathan Shure's business sense, and the current Shure family's promise to continue making classic, affordable toys. From its die-cast Model T Ford at the turn of the century to the highly detailed vehicle replicas today, Tootsie Toy products continue to evolve and improve. Company History: Strom Becker Corporation is the leading maker of bubble blowing toys and cap guns in the world, controlling about half of each market, and also makes other basic toys like die-cast metal cars, wood blocks, and dish sets. The company's best-known brands are Tootsie Toy, Mr. Bubbles, Hearts 'n Home, and Hard Body Die-Cast, and it also makes items using characters or designs licensed from Disney, Looney Tunes, General Motors, and Ford, among others. Strom Becker is owned by the Shure family, which has run the company for four generations. Tootsie Toy can trace it begins to two distinct die casting companies of Dowst Brothers and Shure Brothers, both were established in Chicago, at near the same time, in the 1890s. The Tootsie Toy brand name has its origins in a range of miniature cars cast - in the form of charms, pins, cuff links, etc. that were introduced around 1901 by the Cosmo Company, which was owned by the Shure Bros. The Shure Bros. had bought out the Dowst Brothers in 1926. The company name though remained as the Dowst Manufacturing Co. And, the Tootsie Toy name began to be cast into their companies model production vehicles in 1926 and 1927. Based on this history and being originally founded in Chicago as well, this USA based company is believed to be the oldest existing diecast manufacturer in the USA to date. In the 1920s, Dowst was also making trains, cars, trucks, military vehicles, and aircraft vehicles. They also made "pistols" and a variety of other toys Including diecast accessories and ship models. The ships rolled on wheel sets similar to railroad car wheel sets. They are also know for making several of the Monopoly board game pieces and Cracker Jack metal prizes. Their first offerings as Tootsie Toy were crudely cast bodies with 4 posts extending down from inside the inner body to support the front and rear wheel axles.
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$157.99 + free shipping
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