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Vintage Men's Distressed Leather Bomber Flight Jacket w/patches, small, Pilot, Aviation, Flying, airplane, flight map,

Awesome vintage men's bomber jacket 100% leather, distressed, brown. With flight patches. Collar has bronze -like metal tips with the letter "W" on each side.

There are 5 patches on this jacket:

"Lightning 78th Division"

"Authentic Escadron"

"Professional Flight Training -Cheyenne Wyoming"

"Squadron" with a tiger on it

....and a winged patch that resembles the AOPA insignia/logo

The tag reads "small" but when I tried it on it was a little loose on me and I wear a woman's size large. So, if this is a small - it's a bit on the larger side of small.

Measurements (flat lay) are as follows:

across top of shoulders is 23"

Sleeves: shoulder seam to end of cuff is 23"

length from top of collar to bottom is 28"

There are 5 pockets - two for the hands to keep warm, two in front that both snap shut (one has a pen holder built it) and one on the inside the lining of the jacket.

The liner is printed like a vintage French flight map. There are some light brown spots on the inside of the liner along with a greenish waxy-like substance in one area that can be seen in the last picture - this is the worst of the spotting, but a professional can likely remove it. I have more pictures of the spots inside if needed. There are no visible spots on the outside.

***This jacket is quality and heavy duty weighing in at just over 3 lbs.***

Outer shell is 100% leather. Lining is 50% Nylon and 50% acetate. Filler is 100% Polyester padding. Inner tag says "When dry cleaning is necessary, send to a SPECIAL LEATHER CLEANER ONLY."

Made in Korea by Global Identity Leather Fashions.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thanks for looking!

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