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Pink & Blue Pearl Necklace Vintage Bubbles Necklace

Pink & Blue Pearl Necklace Vintage Mint Goldtone Chain Bubbles Holiday Baby Shower Christmas Stocking Stuffer Birthday Bridesmaids Costume Jewelry from Estate. This is a lovely and unique vintage necklace in EXCELLENT Condition, I call the Bubble Necklace. It is made up of beautiful Bright Pink and Baby Blue Large and Small Faux Pearls that hang individually, from the necklace on smaller chain links, each one. Each pearl is attached to the necklace by a gold finding that goes through the bead and is attached to the necklace by smaller gold chain links. There are two size pearls. The big pink and blue pearls are 3/8" wide, and the smaller pink and blue ones are 1/4" wide. You can see on the bottom of each bead, the gold pin head that attaches the beads, which gives them more shine and sparkle. The beads are a faux pearls, and are very lustrous and sparkly . They look like shiny bubbles. The chain is gold metal, and the links are made kind of flat, as you can see better in photo 2. The necklace is 9" long, clasped (18" unclasped), and the closure is a round spring type safety latch. Very lovely and unique beautiful necklace, is heavier than it looks. The pearls are very pretty with a very lustrous finish, so shiny. This piece would make great Holiday jewelry, reminds me of Christmas balls, or for a Wedding, for Bridesmaids or Bridal or Baby Shower, Birthday Party or just any festive outing. If you have any questions, please message me and I will be glad to help you. My photos didn't come out very bright for some reason, so they did not capture the brightness of this necklace and the sharp bright colors of the pink and blue pearls. It would also make a great piece to wear to a baby shower or bridal shower. Thank you for looking.

Plantersville, AL
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