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Antique 1900's Carnival & Novelty Boy Doll With Composition Head And Hay Filled Cloth Body

1912 Estimated Carnival & Novelty Boy Doll With Painted Composition Head And Hay Filled Cloth Body. This doll is over 100 years old and will look very aged and the paint on the composition head has cracks all over face. This very rare doll is 100% all original. One of is kind doll but doll is unmarked because most all of them made were not marked. You can tell by looking at doll that it is very very old and that it was never cleaned. Carnival & Novelty Dolls 1912+ Measurements of doll: 11" Tall x 5" width with both arms to side of doll Material of doll: Composition Head, Cloth Body and Hay Filled 1918 Butler Brothers character dolls advertisement Carnival dolls were advertised as prizes given at carnival's and fairs made by various early American doll makers, many, most, of these dolls are unmarked. Carnival dolls range from small to large 31" tall, with a composition character head on hay filled bodies of cloth, composition or a combination, earliest dolls may even bare a resemblance to bisque headed German dolls, they made baby dolls, boy or girl dolls, dolls dressed as Base Ball players, Bathing Girls, Bellboys, Boy Scouts, Clowns, Students, Cowboys or Cowgirls, Firemen, Jockeys, Nurses, Policemen, Rough Riders, Sailors, Snookums, Snookey Ookum Baby, Soldiers, Uncle Sam, YamaYama, comedian Charlie Chaplin and others. Known distributors of Carnival dolls are: Baltimore Bargain House, Butler Brothers, Henry Fabricius Toy & Novelty Company, M. Gerber Brothers Company and Singer Brothers Company, plus others.
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Decatur, IL
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$450.00 + free shipping
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