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Vintage Dreams

Welcome to Vintage Dreams, I Love all things vintage!!!!

Turtle Creek, PA
Seller since 6/30/2020

ALL ABOARD THE 123VINTAGEXPRESS! Hi! I'm José. I love everything vintage and antique and I love selling. I have combined my passion for both bringing even the smallest happiness to someone else. I try to find the most unique and unusual items that my customers love and the most simple, for those who seek the little things. If you cant find what u need here please feel free to message me and I will try my best to find your treasure. Remember to follow us @123Vintagexpress on Face Book and Twitter!

Bronx, NY
Seller since 4/9/2014
1505 Vintage

Welcome to 1505! In my shop you will find an eclectic collection of women's vintage clothing and accessories. There is everything from romantic boudoir to early 90's grunge. I combine shipping and give discounts on orders of multiple items. Please contact me if you are planning to purchase more than one item. I do reserve items if there is good communication. Maximum reserve is 5 days. Like 1505 on facebook Follow on twitter #1505vintage I'm now on Pinterest and instagram Instagram: 1505vintage

Austin, TX
Seller since 12/10/2014
Independence, MT
Seller since 10/3/2016
1 Stop Vintage Shop

Hello, thanks for taking a look at the items I have available for sale. My goal is to have 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on any item you may purchase from me. Once again thanks for taking a look/shopping.

Hogansville, GA
Seller since 9/9/2015
1 World Vintage

FOR REF: ebay seller name: rbe92707 Welcome to 1 World Vintage.My name is Renee Browning and this is my store.The items that I will be listing, mostly vintage jewelry, are of my own personal collections,findings and inheritances Please shop at 1 World Vintage with confidence. You can checkout my eBay feedback ratings. My eBay name is : rbe92707 Renee Browning

Santa Ana, CA
Seller since 7/23/2016
29 Gifts Online

Welcome to 29 Gifts Online. We sell new and used collectible items and gifts, such as beanie babies, bowling pins, silver certificates, childhood treasures, antiques and more. We offer Free Shipping and Handling on all US Orders.

Joshua Tree, CA
Seller since 6/9/2014
Palestine, TX
Seller since 8/3/2018
North Potomac, MD
Seller since 12/16/2015
Spencerport, NY
Seller since 5/3/2018
Gurgaon, IN
Seller since 9/5/2018
50 Plus Clubhouse

Hello and Welcome to the 50 Plus Clubhouse. We are very pleased you have decided to view our items. We are a small group of family and friends that promise to bring you the very best antique and vintage items. We are proud and committed to our customer search for gently used collectibles in the best possible condition. Our hunt for the best is your Gain! We have been selling vintage glass, clothing and furniture, since 2010. We are very happy to present our treasures to you, here at Retrophoria! This is Awesome!!

Walkersville, MD
Seller since 8/4/2015

60's Guy who loves the "Good Ole Days"

House Springs, MO
Seller since 11/16/2020

Hello and welcome to my shop. I started this shop because of my new found hobby “ thrift store shopping.” I’ve gone over the years with my parents and have picked up some really cool things over the years but I wasn’t passionate about it. Jump to the here and now, I’ve been going through an amazing change and I decided to reinvent myself mind, body and spirit. Then I was diagnosed with stage 2 COPD and decided it was time to get my affairs in order. I started going through everything I own and started getting excited. I had some good things and had acquired them at crazy prices. Also that made me feel I may have something on my hands. So I’ve tried listing on all major selling sites and got nowhere , they are so saturated plus with all the fees I feel I’m giving my treasures away for free. I have a booth at a resale shop but after their commission and rent I’m not getting a whole lot either. So I came across this website from a blog I was reading and thought I’d try my hand and see if there is a market here for any of my items. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you find something you can’t live without.

Myrtle Creek, OR
Seller since 10/24/2020
Azusa, CA
Seller since 1/28/2018
A Vintage Thrift Life

Old, Odd and Otherwise... things you don't need, but can't live without! Specializing in Vintage and antique. Feel free to check out my blog on being a vintage seller, thrift picks, and my adventures running an antique booth. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR MORE EXACT SHIPPING QUOTE. CHANCES ARE IF YOU ARE NEAR CALIFORNIA, I CAN SHIP ITEM FOR LESS THAN WHAT IS QUOTED ON THE LISTING.

Valley Center, CA
Seller since 9/2/2017
bakersfield, CA
Seller since 5/10/2016
lizette s shop

Hello and welcome to my mini shop were theres a variety of vintage items, from pins, luggages, jewelry, and lots more

bakersfield, CA
Seller since 7/30/2016
Rincon, GA
Seller since 2/27/2018
Winchester, VA
Seller since 7/12/2015
tyler, TX
Seller since 10/1/2013
Aunt Lucy's Attic

Welcome to Aunt Lucy's Attic. We are pleased to have you and hope that your time with us is spent, in sweet reflection and above all, we wish you a fun, shopping experience. We are here for you our customer, to meet your needs and to bring to you, our very best/unique products. Everything that we offer here at, Aunt Lucy's Attic is authentic and subsequently, collectible. We welcome all suggestions, for improving our store and offer a search for items, you desire, that we do not have, in our inventory. Thank You for shopping at, Aunt Lucy's Attic and Thank you, Retrophoria for such an awesome, sales outlet!

Litchfield, MN
Seller since 11/21/2013

Welcome to my wonderful world of items for sale

Pueblo, CO
Seller since 12/3/2016
Adams vintage store

welcome to Adams vintage store your happiness is part of my business.

Seloune, MA
Seller since 9/12/2020


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