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Vintage 1989 Buddy L Brute Haulers Nasa Semi Truck & Trailer Hauling A Discovery Space Shuttle

Vintage Buddy L Toy Brute Hauler Nasa Semi and Trailer Hauling a Nasa Discovery Space Shuttle. This is new old stock and was never removed from its factory box. The factory box not in perfect condition but the semi trailer and Nasa space shuttle in new old stock condition. This maybe one of its kind. Material: Plastic Size: 11 1/4" Length x 2 1/4" Width x 3 1/2" Height for top of semi cab. Buddy "L" toys were originally manufactured by the Moline Pressed Steel Company, which was started by Fred A. Lundahl in 1910. The company originally manufactured automobile fenders and other stamped auto body parts for the automobile industry, instead of toy products. The company primarily supplied parts for the McCormick-Deering line of farm implements and the International Harvester Company for its trucks. Moline Pressed Steel did not begin manufacturing toys until 1921. Mr. Lundhal wanted to make something new, different, and durable for his son Arthur. He designed and produced an all-steel miniature truck, reportedly a model of an International Harvester truck made from 18- and 20-gauge steel which had been discarded to the company's scrap pile. Buddy L made such products as toy cars, dump trucks, delivery vans, fire engines, construction equipment, and trains. Fred Lundahl used to manufacture for International Harvester trucks. He started by making a toy dump truck out of steel scraps for his son Buddy. Soon after, he started selling Buddy L "toys for boys", made of pressed steel. Many were large enough for a child to straddle, propelling himself with his feet. Others were pull toys. A pioneer in the steel-toy field, Lundahl persuaded Marshall Field's and F. A. O. Schwartz to carry his line. He did very well until the Depression, then sold the company. From 1976 to 1990 a line of plastic toys were being produced and Buddy L was owned by Richard Keats, a well-known New York toy designer who went to work for Buddy L the day after he graduated from Brown University in 1948. By 1978 the company was located in Clifton, New Jersey. In 1990, Keats sold Buddy L to SLM International. SLM sold Buddy L off in 1995 under bankruptcy protection. By 2010, Buddy L was owned by Empire Industries of Boca Raton, Florida, a subsidiary of Empire of Carolina. In the 1990s, Buddy L made Splatter Up, a wet version of T-ball.
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