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Antique Barbour Silver Co Repousse Handled Flower Basket - Circa 1892

Antique Barbour Silver Co Repousse Handled Flower Basket - Circa 1892

This Barbour Silver Co Repousse handled Flower basket is in the 3735 pattern. This vase is heavily repoused with four panels of a dutch scenes including houses, a gentleman, a lady and butter churns.

The basket measures 9.25" tall x 5.0'' wide x 3.50" deep.

Circa 1892.... In EXCELLENT condition for it age ... See pictures

Repousse is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief.

Despite the great interest in the Barbour Silver Company information on its history is sketchy. Here's what researchers at the Connecticut Historical Society uncovered:

In 1881 or 1882, Samuel Barbour moved from Chicago to New Haven, Conn., where he and his brother Charles joined in forming the Barbour Brothers Co. At this point, they were only marketers of silverplate products made by I. J. Steane & Co. of Hartford. But the brothers were operating in Hartford by no later than 1889, since the Geer's city directory for that year contains the listing, "Barbour Bros. Co. silverplated ware mfgs., 64 Market St." Market Street, located downtown, has been altered greatly since then.

In 1892, a decade or so after its formation, the brothers' original partnership was succeeded by the Barbour Silver Co., which also succeeded Steane & Co. The 1889 edition of the Geer's city directory has a listing for "Barbour Silver Co., Silversmiths, 62 Market St."

Barbour Silver became one of the first silver firms absorbed by the International Silver Co. of Meriden, Conn., when that concern was established in 1898.

The Flower Basket has the Barbour Silver Company hallmark of a Dutch windmill with tobacco pipes on left and right (see last picture). In 1898 the Barbour Silver Company became part of the International Silver Co. and it was added to their marking. This piece does not read International Silver Co. so it dates from 1892-1898.

This piece appears to be copper on silver ?? See pictures for worn areas where the piece is silver and other areas that are copper.

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