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Antique1930's Rare Vintage Vapor Cresolene Electric Vaporizer

Antique1930's Rare Vintage Vapor Cresolene Electric Vaporizer
Great find, this vapo-cresolene vaporizer was used, still in its original box but box in poor condition. The item still heat up. This item will look well used but is a very rare item. These were first introduced in 1879 by the Vapo-Cresolene Co., New York, N.Y. This one is mostly like from the 1930's, as the company has been in business for over 60 years. This was used in the home to vaporize a room is someone has a cold, congestion. Vapo Cresolene measures 6" tall and 4" wide. This item is a product of Rideal-Walker. Only in condition, vaporizer shows wear and has baked on carbon were tells you that it has been used. The original box has some has major wear. The original factory box has some writing on it, looks like the original price of 2.50 on the side of box with a date established 1879. This is a collectible item only but was tested and still works. The 2 oz. cresolene bottle not included. Coal tar is one of the byproducts of industrial processes that convert coal into coke or gas. Coal tar and its derivatives have been used in ointments, shampoos, analgesic drugs, and disinfectants. One of its forms, cresol, was marketed as "Vapo-Cresolene" beginning in 1879. The Vapo-Cresolene vaporizer used the same fuel to heat the liquid cresol with an open flame. The company claimed that inhaling the resulting fumes would cure numerous respiratory diseases, including pneumonia, whooping cough and diphtheria. These claims were debunked by a report of the American Medical Association in 1908. Despite this, the product and its vaporizers continued to be sold as late as the 1950s. ITEM ID5COLORBlack, Polychrome, SilverITEM TYPEVintageAGEMid 20th CenturyROOMbedroomMATERIALMetal, Aluminum, BakeliteORIGINUnited States � AmericanHEIGHT6" (15 cm)WIDTH4" (10 cm) Ed's Vintage & Antique Shop 1930's Rare Vintage Vapo Cresolene Electric Vaporizer
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$249.99 + free shipping
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