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Vintage 1940,s Handlan Caboose St. Louis 4 Way Railroad Switch & Stand Light

Vintage 1940,s Handlan Caboose St. Louis 4 Way Railroad Switch & Stand Light
Vintage 1940's Handlan Caboose Oil Lantern that lights up 4 way lantern: 2 red glass lenses and 2 glass green lenses / The lantern will still come with all its original contents including the glass round tube inside the lantern. This item will look used. Large railroad lantern measures 18" H x 10" W x 10" D / This is a very heavy duty railroad lantern and weighs over 12 pounds. This lantern was converted with power cord, switch and light and now it will light up. 120 volt operation. Original glass tube still inside lantern were the flame comes out. You can remove the power cord, switch and light and put it back to its original condition. HISTORY/ ABOUT: This railroad hand-signal kerosene lantern was manufactured by the Handlan Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri around 1930�1940. The lamp was used on the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. The lamp has a metal body, a red and green glass globe encircled by a metal handle and base. The top of the lamp is inscribed with the Handlan logo and the text �HANDLAN/ST. LOUIS USA. Before the advent of portable two way radios, train crews communicated via hand signals during the day, and lantern signals during periods of low visibility or at night. This lantern with the red globe was used by station agents to signal a train to stop, sometimes to pick up Form 31 train orders. They also used various globe colors such as amber, blue, red, etc., and these colors do correspond to the same signal meanings that the railroad used. For example, red meant to stop, and blue meant that men were working or equipment was not to be moved. Green lens was for to signal the wrecker operator.
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