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Vintage Rare 1995 25th Earth Day Anniversary Peter Max Poster Framed

Vintage Rare 1995 25th Earth Day Anniversary Peter Max Poster Framed
I'm so excited to present this to everyone!!! An original poster from 1995 that was printed in recognition of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. I did quite a bit of research on this poster and also with the confirmation from the estate sales company and owner. I'm confident about this poster. For those of you not familiar with Peter Max and his groundbreaking style of art, I will supply some information about him. Peter Max has always been passionate about the environment, human and animal rights. His energy around these causes can be seen in many of his artworks. His art is a melange of intense colors and cultural symbolism. Peter Max's art celebrates the American experience and uses American icons and imagery. Max has always used his imagery to be uplifting and celebratory. This poster was created contains a large image of the Earth, floating on the horizon with two ships sailing out to sea. The background is a swirl of clouds and the sun with rays. A figure in the foreground observing the scene. The top left of the poster states 25th Anniversary, April 22, 1995. The middle top states Earth Day. The left side middle states, Peter Max 1995 Official Artist. Bottom left states, Official Poster Earth Day Network 25 years. The very right edge has printing, Official Earth Day Network Poster- "Earth Day 1995" 24" x 36" Poster 1995 - c Peter Max 1995. The poster itself seems to be in very good vintage condition. I have no taken the back off the see if it was attached to poster board. There may be a tad of fading, but the colors are all vibrant still. No rips or tears visable. Framed with heavy glass and metal frame. Just an amazing piece.
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$700.00 + $88.00 shipping
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