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Re-Love, Re-Purpose, and Re-Use. Eclectic, Unique, Kitschy, Vintage. Love Junk! Hate Trash! At Penny Lane Treasures we hate to see perfectly good items go to a landfill. I try to keep my carbon footprint to a minimal in my everyday life. By Re-Using, Re-Purposing, and Re-Loving vintage items. Like using an old metal milk crate to store kindling for my fireplace. Or buying antique furniture, instead of brand new. Besides it's usually built better. Not only is recycling better for the environment, it's also better for YOU. We need to get away from so much use of plastics. But it's not enough just to recycle your junk. We need to quit using plastics as much as possible. Many times it's difficult to do and sometimes it's just plain unavoidable. But, I NEVER microwave in plastic! I started collecting PYREX and other assorted glassware and ceramics many years ago. Old Hall and Fiesta pottery and PYREX and Hazel Atlas glassware. These are the things that I grew up with. I use these items in my everyday life. I also really enjoy the hunt for new (old) treasures. Now I can Have My Cake and Eat It Too!!!! It's a Win-Win!!!! I do not use original Fiestaware on a regular basis because of it's high lead content. They are mostly for show and the occasional holiday feast. Please, everyone, join us. Browse, shop and enjoy all our wonderful timeless treasures. Thank you, Penny Join us on: Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Penny-Lane-Treasures Twitter. https://twitter.com/moneypenny58 Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/penny_lane_58
Lake City, FL
Seller Since 11/14/2018
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