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The Spring family from A Vintage Addiction wishes to express our concern for you and your family during this international health crisis. With us, be practical in your daily activities and be prayerful. Pray for those suffering; for continued health for those unaffected; and, for speed and wisdom for those working to contain, cure and immunize against Covid-19, May God be glorified in its defeat. As a wife, mother, grandmother, crafter, businesswoman, home chef, collector, traveler, decorator and cancer survivor, my love of beautiful things is second to my love of my family, my greatest and most precious treasures. Beautiful objects, crafted or manufactured, vintage or antique, perfect or flawed, delight me. My joy is enhanced when a treasure I have obtained and put to good use, or a lovely silver platter, or piece of vintage jewelry, I have found just for this store finds a new home. I am again delighted when a new family uses the treasure to create their own precious moments and memories.​
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