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Crumb Catcher Silent Butler Ash Pan F B Rogers Silver Plated Copper Holloware Vintage 1950s USA

Gorgeous F.B.Rogers Silver Company Silent Butler, Crumb Catcher, Ash Pan. Vintage 1950's entertaining accessory - now seldom used and becoming harder to find in good condition. A silent butler is a container with a handle and a hinged cover, used for collecting table crumbs or emptying ashtrays. Shapes, sizes, metal and handle material vary but they most always have a hinged lid, thumb pad, and feet. So, about this one: This crumb catcher from the 1950s is square-shaped with a wooden handle. It is made of silver over copper, silver-plated Holloware. Copper is more corrosion resistant than other metals so it is a good product for use with costlier silver intended to last for generations. Holloware refers to metal tableware pieces that are not flatware. Items such as serving dishes, cream and sugar sets and table accessories can be holloware. This pan has an easy to grip wooden handle. It is turned wood, stained a rich brown, and is fitted and nailed into the stem on the pan. The handle on this piece is in excellent condition - smooth, tightly fitting and with no worn finish. The silent butler was made in Massachusetts, USA by F. B. Rogers Silver Company, prominent New England silversmiths since 1883. Rogers uses a crown trademark with 18 on one side and 83 on the other. People often, mistakenly, think the age of their Rogers item is 1883 (or other imprinted dates from various Rogers facilities). We know that the date represents the company and its silversmith history, not the production date. There are various ways to determine the age of the piece, as we will discover, but the crown trademark doesn't help us much. This piece is marked 386 which represents the size and shape of the pan. The pan measures 7" l x 7" w x 2 1/2" h. This does not include the 5 1/2" handle. The shape is an octagon with shorter corners than sides. This is a footed pan with beautiful lion's feet and extensively detailed scrolled lion's mane connections. The feet are part of the lower pan, not riveted or screwed in. This attention to detail and quality also supports it's 1950's creation. The eight (8) section pin hinge is an indication of Rogers's design quality and also clues us to the date the item was made. Prior to WWII, the hinges may have been riveted and a more ornate appearing than on this pan. The heavier hinge is needed for the silverplated item, whereas a sterling silver piece would be lighter in weight and not require as strong a hinge. Post-WWII, silver-plated tableware became more commonly used among middle-income Americans than the costlier sterling of the earlier 20th century. The materials used in this piece help substantiate the mid-century manufacturing date. Another exquisite feature of the pan is the scrolled feather thumb plate. Thumb pressure, using the same hand that is holding the handle, lifts the lid. As are the fee to the bottom, this detail is also made in one-piece as part of the pan lid. The scroll adds a pretty feature to the slightly arched pan top. The interior of the pan is very clean for its age and type of use. The exterior was given an initial cleaning and polish when I obtained it. The exterior lid is bright and shiny. The sides are a bit less so, especially around the legs. The vintage patina is lovely as it is but the pan will polish to greater shine if desired. The best way to keep your silver and silver-plated pieces bright? USE THEM! Ships from Arizona, USA. For an international shipping quote, contact the seller with the destination address. Blog about all things vintage. https://www.avintageaddiction.com/blog

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